Dr. John Gacinya

The knowledge gained from the MKU has greatly contributed to the development of Rwanda

My name is John Gacinya. I have served my country both as a police officer and a military officer. I was the head detective in the Rwanda National Police for a period of time. I later went back to the Rwandan army and rose through the ranks up to my retirement as a Brigadier General. I was a regional reserve force commander when I retired.

Doctorate from MKU

I am happy to have earned a Doctorate degree from Mount Kenya University. A Doctorate is about research and research is entirely getting close to problems. As a social scientist, a Doctorate degree will help me to understand crimes that pervade the Rwandan community. I am better informed to lecture Police and military officers issues related to crime and security. Mount Kenya University runs a thesis track that is quite ideal and suitable for students who are working while studying. Secondly, Mount Kenya University is not ex- pensive in terms of tuition when compared to other universities offering education at a Doctorate level.

The quality of education for MKU is very good. I for one had not understood research methodology until I joined and studied at MKU. The university has best lecturers delivering lectures in good and correct English.

Ability to conduct research

My expectation has been to obtain a doctorate degree in the field of law enforcement and my dream has been fulfilled. Am now able to conduct any research in social sciences because I have skills and tools to use.

Tutorial assistants need to be many with MKU and these will allow doctors and professors improve quality of lectures. Professors and doctors will get time to prepare the right learning material.

I had my formative education in Uganda. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree (Criminology and Pe- nology) from the University of South Africa (UNISA).

I also have a Masters of Science degree in Criminology from the University of Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). Besides, I have a Masters degree in International Security studies from the University of Nairobi (IDIS).

More qualifications

I have a diploma in Public Administration from Vaal Technikon University (South Africa) in collaboration with Rwanda Institute of Management (RIAM) and Iam a graduate of the Federal bureau of investigations (FBI), Quantico (USA).

I also hold a Diploma in Education from Mount Kenya University-Rwanda.

MKU has produced many graduates in many fields who have been absorbed in the mainstream of the government of Rwanda. The knowledge gained from the MKU has greatly contributed to the development of Rwanda. Mount Kenya University graduates are currently employed in different government departments.

PhD graduates are researchers. They can easily can realize issues and know problems as they per- vade the community.

This is very important because if one can identify the problems then he/she can recommend for solutions to the government.

Research on crime

As for crime they are so many discoveries one has to undertake. Drugs and human trafficking scourges are among the crimes one has to probe as human rights issues of our times.

My future plans are to form up a criminology society of Rwanda.

I have to do research crimes on emerging crimes and better understand why they keep up emerging and if possible recommend what has to be done.

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