Gerard Gatete

“I will always recommend MKU Rwanda”

Bubbling with youthful enthusiasm, Gerard Gatete made a solemn promise to his father. Nearly a decade since his impetuous vow, he relives the memories of his mission and smiles with satisfaction.

“I promised my father I would be the most educated person in the family,” he reminisces. He delivered.

Gerard became the first member of his family to earn a Master’s degree. Later, another member joined him.

What, however, brings the smile of satisfaction to his face is not just that scholarly achievement, but also the memories of his academic journey.

Gerard studied for his BBICT degree at MKU Rwanda from 2011 to 2015. He returned to the campus, which he refers to as “familiar grounds” in 2016 for his Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy and completed the studies in 2018.

During the seven years it took him to complete his first and second degrees, he learnt a lot about his university.

Gerard was the first ‘Mr MKU Kigali’, a title he won the year he joined the campus. This remains one of his enduring memories from MKU Rwanda.

He later served as Sports minister in the MKU Students Association, and was also among the students who started a blood donation drive at the campus, and a cultural troupe that performed widely.

On the academic front, Gerard remains fascinated by what the campus gave him. He does not shy from praising a university he considers “the fastest-growing in Rwanda.”

When he enrolled, MKU was the only ISO certified university in the country. He remembers that the course he took was available only at MKU Rwanda.

He was personally delighted that the university granted him a 10 percent discount on tuition fees when he registered for the Masters programme since he had undertaken his undergraduate there.

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