Gloria Irakoze

‘MKU is connecting young East Africans in a big way’

Question: When did you join the MKU campus in Rwanda and who influenced you to?

Gloria Irakoze: I joined MKU in 2011. Truthfully, no one influenced me. I wanted to go international and MKU was my best chance to get an international bachelor’s degree at that time, at a lower price.

Which course did you pursue and why?

I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in social work and administration. I love making an impact on people’s life, so I wanted to do humanitarian work. That course was my starting point.

What was your experience like at the campus?

I enjoyed it. I met different people. I learnt to connect with people of different backgrounds and cultures. We are now employed in different sectors and many times we found ourselves working together on different projects.

I understand you once travelled to the home of Kenya’s former president, Daniel Moi, to dance. Tell us about the trip, the experience, and the dates?

Hahahaha. I was a traditional dancer at that time and I used to train others. So when MKU prepared a birthday dance for president Moi in 2012, I was among the dancers included in the trip. I don’t remember the exact dates, but we reached there two days before the D-day. It was fun. We travelled as classmates and schoolmates, but most of us were already used to dancing in different big events. We performed as professionals.

You mentioned that you were training others to dance. When and where did you learn dancing?

Ooooh my God; I started dancing at the age of three years! So, I have been dancing since my childhood, just for fun and to appreciate our cultural dance. I was taught by my grandmothers.

When did you graduate from MKUR, and where did you get employed?

I graduated on 11 December, 2014. I have been employed in different international NGOs. Currently, I am working with UNHCR Rwanda.

What did you like the most about MKU?

MKU is connecting young East Africans in a big way. Today, if I need something from Uganda, Burundi, South Sudan, Tanzania and from almost all parts of Kenya, I have someone to talk to for assistance.

What is your 10th anniversary message for MKUR?

Happy 10th anniversary to MKU Rwanda Campus. Continue to scale the heights of education.


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