Murenti Emmalito

Enterprising Emmalito excels

Should you find yourself in Kicukiro District, you may overhear young people talk animatedly about a certain Emmalito. They are referring to another young man who has worked hard and touched the lives of many.

The youngsters are most probably discussing Emmalito because he is a radio presenter at Royal FM where he hosts a popular show.

They could be chatting about his exploits as a master of ceremony. They could probably be talking about the talent shows he has been organizing in Rwanda.

There is yet the chance that these could be his former classmates at MKUR reminiscing about their time together.

This young man has worn so many hats that most of Rwanda knows him as a jack of many trades – but a master of some. He is a radio anchor, TV presenter, talent scout, event organizer, master of ceremony,

Murenti “Emmalito” Emmanuel is a bubbly personality, he has squeezed maximum value from his association with MKUR. In many ways, this daring young man embodies

He enrolled with MKUR in September 2011 for a Bachelors degree programme and immediately started taking interest in the social affairs at the campus. The following year, he contested the ‘Mr MKUR’ title and finished the first runner-up.

He was just warming up for more activities.

“I realised that after participating in the contest, I had become well known on campus,” recalls Emmalito. So, what did he do?

“I decided to run for the post of Social Affairs Minister in the students’ leadership elections. I won,” he says.

From that time, he started organizing events.

One day in 2013, Henry Musisi, the MKUR Marketing Director, asked him if he could prepare a troupe to perform during the MKU graduation in Thika, Kenya. He obliged.

“I said, as students, we can do it,” he says.

That is how Emmalito and his troupe found themselves later performing at former Kenya President Daniel arap Moi’s 88th birthday party in Kabarak, Nakuru (See Page 49)

“That is a moment I will always treasure,” asserts Emmalito who says the trip to Kenya was an exciting experience for his group.

The cultural dance troupe became big and performed at four more MKU graduation ceremonies.

Quite active in campus, Emmalito took to emceeing at Mr and Miss MKUR competitions and began practicing a skill that he would later use after graduating.

Emmalito remembers that during one of the graduations where his troupe performed, MKU Chairman Prof Simon Gicharu intimated that he thought of starting a radio station.

And when the dream became a reality, Emmalito immediately came on board as a presenter. Emmalito graduated in 2015 and joined TV1 as a presenter.

MKU called him back in February 2016 to present “The Sun Up” morning show on Royal TV with Yvonne. He did so until MKU closed the TV station in September 2017.

He then wrote a proposal to the Ministry of Youth on how to nurture talents in Rwanda. As a volunteer, he organized “Youth Connect Festival.”

Appreciative of his talent, the Ministry employed him in July 2017. He worked there until April 2018.

Earlier, in 2016, Emmalito had returned to MKU to study for his Masters degree programme. The following year, he contested for the MKU Students Association Vice-Presidency and won.

He returned to event organization and co-ordinated blood donation and cultural events at the campus.


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