Empowerment: Mount Kigali University Donate personal hygiene products to FAWE Girls’ School

To commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day, Mount Kigali University donated personal hygiene products to FAWE Girls’ School in Gisozi, Kigali.

The university’s Dean of Students, Dr. Joyce Kirabo, led faculty members and students in presenting the personal hygiene products to the school.

Dr. Kirabo emphasised the need for the society to support initiatives that promote gender equality and education for girls.

During an interactive session, she urged young girls to remain vigilant as threats to their well-being persist.

“Many obstacles stand in your path to success, even young as you are. That is why you need to be careful on how you conduct yourselves. The consequences of wrong choices can destroy your future dreams,” she said.

FAWE Head Girl, Ms Marie Ange Tuyishimire, on behalf of the other learners, appreciated Mount Kigali University’s thoughtful gesture.

She said: “The knowledge imparted to us today holds immense value for us. We extend our deepest gratitude to Mount Kigali University for considering our needs. Rest assured that we are committed to applying in our daily lives the lessons we have learned today.”

The University’s initiative aims to guarantee the girls access to basic menstrual hygiene supplies. The girls can continue with their studies uninterrupted, Dr. Kirabo explained.

The Mount Kigali University delegation joined teachers and students from FAWE Girls’ School to celebrate the occasion.

The Marketing Executive of Mount Kigali University (2nd from right) Umuhire Cyuzuzo Nkesha Marie Gorette share a moment with students after handing them T-shirts.

The delegation had interactive sessions with the girls. The talks focused on how to address menstrual health concerns. Specifically, the university’s representatives offered valuable tips on how the girls can effectively manage their menstrual cycles.

Dr. Kirabo noted that the donation of sanitary pads to FAWE Girls’ School reflects Mount Kigali University’s commitment to community development and the advancement of girls and women’s welfare. This commitment is further exemplified through the university’s enduring partnership with the Imbuto Foundation, aimed at promoting girl child education in Rwanda.

The headmistress, Sister Eugenie Kairaba receives personal hygiene products from Dr. Joyce Kirabo as students’ looks on.

Through the “Edified Generation” scholarship programme, Mount Kigali University and the Imbuto Foundation collaborate to empower young girls by providing access to education. The two institutions are focused on the value of education in fostering gender equality and societal progress, said Dr. Kirabo.

This is part of the Universities contribution to the society through community social responsibility, the University also supports Imbuto Scholarships, has a medical centre open to the public plus many other CSR initiative.

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