MKU  Rwanda donates textbooks to Africa New Life Ministries

Less fortunate members of the society should be supported to advance their studies, says Mount Kenya University Rwanda Vice-Chancellor Designate, Prof Edwin Odhuno. According to him, this will help transform lives as well as create a stable future workforce for the country.

He spoke while handing over a MKUR donation of more than 300 textbooks to the Post-Secondary Manager of Africa New Life Ministries, Elijah Nyemina, to support learning.

Said Prof Odhuno: “We share with Africa New Life Ministries the same dream of transforming lives. We believe that education is the key to helping individuals advance in life and break out of the poverty cycle. We are thankful to your organisation for referring students to study with us.”

The Vice-Chancellor Designate, Prof Edwin Odhuno (3rdfrom left) hands over ” Mountain Meets land of 1,000 hills” memoir to Mr. Elijah Nyemina as members of staff of MKUR and a student, Mutoniwabo Benitha of School of Journalism and Mass Media looks on

The don noted that Africa New Life Ministries has trust in MKUR because of excellent service delivery and quality education.

He added: “Your students also join an increasing number of foreign students at MKUR, and learn a lot from each other. Students who learn alongside people from different countries gain perspectives that they would not otherwise have.”

Since 2016, Africa New Life Ministries has sponsored more than 300 students to study at MKUR, a number of them in Kenya at MKU’s main campus in Thika. The University has also reciprocated by offering scholarships to the organisation.

“For the last 10 years, more than 200 students sponsered by the organization have graduated from MKUR in pharmacy, nursing, hospitality, business management and IT. Many of the graduates are employed or self-employed and also giving back to the organization and the community,” added Prof Odhuno.

On his part, Mr Nyemina said: “Our partnership with MKUR is having a great impact on our students who study at the university. Whenever we reach out to you regarding our students’ progress, you are swift and professional. This way, we stay informed about who is learning and who may need additional help or counselling. Let us continue to strengthen our collaboration and also support families in need.  Education sponsorship is at the heart of Africa New Life Ministries and we are proud to work with MKUR.”

The deputy vice-chancellor (DVC) in charge of academics at MKUR, Dr Martin Kimemia, urged the two partners to continue working together with the spirit and progress of good neighbourliness.

“Let us play our part and build strong communities in our areas through community activities, volunteerism and sports,” said Dr Kimemia. He added that the books donated comprised of “Mountain meets land of 1,000 hills” memoir detailing the history of MKUR in Rwanda and Kiswahili text books to help students understand the language for easy integration within the East African region.

MKUR has been growing with the communities around it. It is, for example, playing a pivotal role in educating the girl child under partnership with Imbuto Foundation. The University also offers scholarships to deserving and outstanding students.

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