MKU Rwanda holds 24th graduation ceremony

Mount Kigali University is committed to supporting the Government of Rwanda’s development initiatives by consistently producing quality manpower. The Vice-Chancellor, Martin Kimemia, said on Friday during the Mount Kenya University’s 24th graduation ceremony.

Kimemia pointed out that the graduation theme resonates with the nation’s development goals. The university chose, “The Role of Higher Education in Driving Small-Scale Industry for Socio-economic Equity through Linkages,” as the theme for the ceremony.

The vice-chancellor said higher education “plays a crucial role in human capital development, research, and innovation, thus supporting Rwanda’s transformation into a knowledge-based economy.”

He added: “We are committed to fostering an inclusive learning environment, ensuring equal access to educational opportunities and resources. Our emphasis on research directly benefits small-scale industries, aligning with the country’s commitment to socio-economic equity.”

Kimemia lauded Prof. Simon Gicharu, the university’s founder, for investing in education.

Mount Kigali University Chairman, Prof. Innocent Mugisha, concurred with the Vice-Chancellor, commending Prof. Gicharu for his investments in Rwanda. He praised Gicharu’s strategic decision to make Rwanda an investment hub, actively contributing to the country’s educational landscape.

Mugisha emphasized that Mount Kigali University is not new in the country, as it has a well-established presence in Rwanda, offering quality education, evidenced by its growing alumni network, infrastructural developments like the Kigali Paramount Hotel and University Medical Centre, and a commitment to community transformation through corporate social responsibility.

“What changed is the name, now reflecting Rwanda’s pride and identity. The university, previously Mount Kenya University Rwanda, underwent a name change after government accreditation in April of this year. It retains all the attributes that set it above other universities, with a commitment to expanding and establishing industry linkages, ensuring students receive quality education and essential practical skills for their future endeavors,” said Mugisha.

Mugisha added that the university will regularly review its curricula, to align its teaching with the country’s evolving human resource needs.

The vice-chancellor vowed that the university will remain “highly competitive, offering internationally relevant academic programmes.”

He added that the university will invest in state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and research; provide scholarships; and engage in diverse corporate social responsibility initiatives.

During the ceremony, the university acknowledged its top-performing students from various disciplines, including the School of Education, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Computing, Informatics and Media Studies, Public Health, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management, Business, and Economics. The recipient of the title “Best Overall Student” was Furaha Charlene, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication.

Mount Kigali University saw over 1,000 new students enroll for various programmes during the September intake. This is the first intake since the university gained autonomy.

The university attracts international students from Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Liberia, Congo, Cameroon, Pakistan and India, among other nations, thus affirming its global appeal.

Kimemia urged Bachelor of Nursing students to take advantage of job opportunities in Austria. Mid this year, Mount Kigali University jointly with MKU, signed a Letter of Intent with Lebenshilfe Tirol, an Austrian organisation, to facilitate nursing graduates from the two universities to work in the European nation.

Mount Kigali University has been recognised for excellence in education. It won the Rwanda Disability Inclusion 2023 award and was feted as The Best Training Hospitality and Tourism Training Institution of the year 2022.

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