Mount Kenya University Rwanda awarded full accreditation

The Government of Rwanda has granted Mount Kenya University Rwanda (MKUR) attained full accreditation to operate as a fully-fledged university. The accredited institution will launch as Mount Kigali University (MKU)

This is according to a communique from the Office of the Prime Minister. The communique details several orders made by a Cabinet meeting chaired by President Paul Kagame on Thursday, April 20, 2023.

Prof Edwin Odhuno, Vice-Chancellor designate,

Among others, the Cabinet approved the “ministerial order granting accreditation and legal personality to Mount Kigali University.”

Vice-Chancellor designate, Prof Edwin Odhuno, thanked the Government of Rwanda for granting the university a charter.

“We are extremely grateful to the Ministry of Education for this recognition,” said Prof Odhuno upon learning of the news, adding: “As an institution, we are happy with this achievement and will work even harder to expand access to higher education.”

Prof Odhuno added that the award of charter is an exciting, yet challenging development because it means the university has the responsibility of delivering much more in teaching, research and community outreach.

“To whom so much has been given, so much is expected from,”Prof. Edwin Odhuno.VC designate

Mount Kigali University becomes the first ever cross-border campus in Rwanda to attain this status.

Damalie Tumushime, a current student at the university, said it was a privilege to witness history unfolding. She said: “I enrolled at MKUR and had no idea that it would transform into a fully-fledged university operating from this campus. Team work has been key to this development”.

Another student, Ronald Nkusi, said he was delighted with this new development, and looks forward to graduating in Rwanda, rather than travelling to Mount Kenya University’s (MKU’s) main campus in Thika, Kenya. “Obviously, I look forward to not spending money and time to graduate in Kenya as has been the case in the past.

Students at Mount Kenya University Rwanda

Prof Odhuno further said he was confident that the MKU Chairman, Board of Directors, will continue supporting the new institution so that it can attain greater heights of success.

We have seen how his support over the last 13 years have raised the profile of this campus through prudent investment in infrastructure and personnel. We are sure he will walk with us on the journey to a bright future for Mount Kigali University,” said Prof Odhuno.

MKUR offers a wide range of academic and professional courses through various flexible modes that include online, face-to-face, day and weekend, and Institutional based learning (School-based). According to its memoir, which traces its journey in to Rwanda titled “Mountain meets land of 1,000 Hills“, launched earlier this year, explains that among its alumni, include leaders in government, the private sector, and civil society organizations. The memoir also details its infrastructural developments such as the upcoming Kigali Paramount Hotel which will be a regional center of Excellency for the School of Hospitality and Tourism and its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities such as empowering the girl child academically through Imbuto foundation and infrastructural development in schools among others.

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