Mountain Meets Land of a Thousand Hills

Mount Kenya University Rwanda (MKUR) has officially launched its memoir on the institution journey since establishment of the cross-border campus in Rwanda in 2010.

The memoir titled “Mountain Meets Land of a Thousand Hills” tells the history of the university’s entry into Rwanda and its successes so far.

Mountain Meets Land of a Thousand Hills is a step-by-step account of Mount Kenya University’s epic journey into Rwanda. It features interviews with Rwandan and Kenyan personalities, as well as university alumni.

Summary of the book

Mountain Meets Land of 1,000 Hills is a memoir about Mount Kenya University (MKU) Rwanda.

It was published in late 2022 by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication with the support of the MKU Board of Directors.

The publication of the coffee-table book coincided with the University’s 12th anniversary in Rwanda. The book traces the history of MKU’s entry into Rwanda, and details the inspiration, progress, successes and challenges.

It also offers an inkling into the future moreso the university’s contribution to Rwanda’ Vision 2050. Mount Kenya University Rwanda is cognizant of the enormous responsibility it has in developing Rwanda’ human resource capital.

Mountain Meets Land of 1,000 Hills also celebrates Rwanda’s rich culture and its beautiful people. It mentions some of the country’s key tourist attractions.

Overall, the book is a celebration of Rwanda’s success in higher education post the 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi period. It gives a historical account of the development of university education in the country, starting way back in 1936.

The 200-page memoir highlights not only the MKUR’s infrastructural growth and progress but also the transformation of its students and faculty.

Many students have benefited from the high-quality education offered at the University. The University’s alumni occupy key professional positions in Rwanda’s private and public sectors. Some of their stories are contained in this book. 

In addition, the book documents the University Board of Directors’ commitment at providing world class training facilities. There are stories of how the MKUR School of Nursing matches the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. There are also stories about the upcoming Four Star Hotel and how this will revolutionise training at the School of Hospitality and Tourism.

MKU Rwanda has succeed due to the support accorded to it by the Government of Rwanda and the community at large. As a way of giving back to the community, the University engages in various community outreach programmes.

These programmes include scholarships, donations to the less privileged,  and participation in national events such as Kwibuka and Umuganda. These are documented in the book.

Mountain Meets Land of 1,000 Hills has seven Chapters:

Chapter One: Road to MKUR  

Chapter Two: Unity is Strength

Chapter Three: Welcoming Guests   

Chapter Four: Quest for Own Home   

Chapter Five: Reaching Out to the Community  

Chapter Six: Alumni/Former Students   

Chapter Seven: Current and Former Employees  

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