MKUR’s support of Girinka project

In Rwanda, cows are a national treasure. Milk is part of the staple diet. Realizing this social economic and cultural importance, the government rolled out a One-Cow-per-Family Program called “Girinka”. 

In July 2017, MKU Rwanda donated four heifers to the program, whose other partners include Partners include Heifer International Program, and World Vision.  Among the beneficiaries were Nizeyemaliya Leonie, a mother of four.

Nizeyemaliya is a tailor in Sabaganga village, Gatenga sector. She milks about 15 litres per day. She feeds her children, and sells the surplus.

Under the programme, a beneficiary is supposed to ‘pass-on’ the calf to another needy family, once the cow gives birth. The receiving family rears the calf to maturity and after an offspring of its own, hands it over to another family. They cycle is replicated over many families. So far, over 200,000 families all over Rwanda have benefited.

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