Journalism Studio

We have a well equipped journalism studio to support students training and ventures such as blogging, vlogging and content creation for Youtube, Tiktok , Facebook and others platforms

Talent Growth

Mount Kigali University helps students to grow their talents in different areas from beauty pageants, swimming, drama & music festivals, athletics amongst others by providing facilities and event where students can use their talents.

Swimming Pool

Students enjoy relaxing at the swimming pool after a long day of classwork. The swimming pool is also used to enhance physical activities and sport for the professional swimmers who always train there. The swimming…

Serene Hostels

Mount Kigali hostel offers a serene, productive space for students to rest and undertake private studies in their hostels. The hostels are on campus providing more security and are located nears the swimming pool.  

Modern Technology

We are a technology driven top notch University that allows us to have a student portal for academic monitoring, install state of art infrastructure such as biometric system, modern laboratory, electronic library, online learning, modern…

International Destination

Mount Kigali University is home to students from Rwanda, Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya. Interaction with International students and faculty allows you to have cultural exchanges and a better learning opportunity

English Language Training

Our Students enjoy English language training in our ultra modern English laboratory and from qualified teachers

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